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Worried about cracks or other failures in your building's exterior?

At Acme, our masonry experts listen carefully to understand the problems or issues you are experiencing.  Then we…

A magnifying glass

Investigate & Evaluate

your property to determine the source of the issue and reasons for repair.

A clipboard

Provide Analysis

of our findings based on over six decades of first-hand experience.

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Implement Solutions

and put our analysis into action, ultimately restoring your building back to its former glory.

Your Building Is Your Business

That's Why We Promise to...

Assign Your Project to a Dedicated Project Manager.

Minimize the Impact and Inconvenience of any Construction Noise or Dust to Your Tenants.

Provide a Safe, Drug-Free Work Environment for Your Tenants, Customers, and General Public.

Require All Employees to Wear Company Identification and Display a Professional Demeanor At All Times.

Ensure the Project Site is Left in the Same (or Better) Condition Than When the Work Began.


The process of removing deteriorated mortar and installing new mortar between masonry units. Typically, the mortar joint will be removed by the total width of the joint and 3/4 of an inch deep.

Brick, Block & Stone Repair

The process of repairing or replacing existing deteriorated or damaged masonry units. Repairing may consist of patching damaged areas and replacing may consist of the removal and replacement of entire masonry units.

Thru-wall Flashings

The process of installing new flashing systems to collect and divert water from the wall cavity to the exterior of the building typically above windows, doorways, shelf angles and other wall penetrations within masonry.

Caulking & Sealants

The removal and replacement of deteriorated sealant joints typically at window perimeters, building expansion joints, and other wall penetrations.

Concrete Façade Repair

The process of repairing concrete surfaces to maintain structural integrity or physical esthetics.

Restoration Cleaning

The process of chemically or mechanically removing biological funguses, pollutants and other contaminates to restore the building to its original appearance.

Masonry Paint Removal

The process of chemically or mechanically removing paint products from the exterior masonry surfaces of a building.

Water Repellents

Specified water repellents are used to prevent excessive moisture absorption and discoloration of the stone from environmental pollution.

Other Services

Acme Tuckpointing & Restoration performs a wide range of services on a variety of building exteriors, including the following:

  • Masonry restoration
  • Tilt-up concrete panel repair
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Expansion joint repair
  • Anchor systems
  • Aggregate panel installation
  • Lintel repair and replacement
  • Precast stone repair
  • Eifs repair
  • Parapet rebuilding

Featured Projects

Our team of professional masonry contractors is proud to repair, restore, and preserve the integrity of our communities and beyond!

Carleton College Restoration Project

  • Tuckpointing
  • Masonry repair & replacement
  • Cleaning
  • Caulking